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MarSolutions - Custom Metrology Solutions

MarSolutions Case Studies Library

Standard Gage Customization

  1. Automotive/Machine Tool – Gear Diameters
  2. Machine Tool – Ball Certification
  3. Energy – Bench Stand for Fuel Cell Plates
  4. Energy – Oil Well Pump Barrels

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Standard Elements Custom Assembly

  1. Automotive – Trunnions
  2. Energy – Commutators
  3. Machine Tool – Gear Shafts
  4. Machine Tool – Rotor Input Shafts
  5. Machine Tool – Turbochargers

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Custom Design

  1. Aerospace – Spacers
  2. Automotive – Brake Disks
  3. Automotive – Cam Shaft Flange Thickness + Runout
  4. Automotive – Primary-Secondary Gear Shafts
  5. Automotive – Surface Finish on Crankshafts
  6. Automotive – Surface Finish on Diesel Heads
  7. Automotive – Connecting Rods
  8. Energy – Fuel Cell Plates
  9. Energy – Surface Finish on Large Bearings
  10. Machine Tool – Oil Pump Bodies Thickness
  11. Machine Tool – Small Bores
  12. Machine Tool – Turbo Housings
  13. Medical – Femoral Hip Balls

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Do you need to measure several features on a single part? Automate your gaging to keep up with production and control costs? Check surface finish deep inside a bore? Match parts from different lines, like valves and stems?

Does your shop’s environment limit measurement accuracy? Do you need data for SPC? Real-time closed-loop process control?

That’s EXACTLY where we come in. Mahr has over 150 years of experience providing precise and accurate dimensional metrology. 

We have a broad range of measuring technologies, an unbeatable library of application knowledge, and a team dedicated to giving you a custom solution with minimal fuss and maximum payback: MarSolutions.

Three Levels of Customization

Standard Gage Customization


We adapt the features on a standard gage for your special part requirements.

Standard Elements Custom Assembly


We assemble standard Mahr elements specifically to meet your application

Custom Design


The gage is designed for a specific requirement and may contain both specific and standard elements

Your Application. Our Solution... Exactly

You will meet with an experienced MarSolutions engineer who speaks your language. We will study your needs and work with our in-house design and manufacturing team to create a measurement solution tailored to your specific application. It’s easy: We do all the engineering and we make sure it will work in your plant.

We’ll also maximize use of standard Mahr components. So from the screw to the sensor, you’ll enjoy Mahr’s well established standard of precision and your customized package will deliver the optimum price-performance ratio. Plus you can rely on our long-term commitment to maintenance and support, backed up by over 1,900 employees and a worldwide organization.

Precise and Accurate Metrology. 

MarSolutions can deliver systems that provide immediate measurement feedback to maintain part size and optimal tool life. Systems that work on the shop floor right next to your machines, without special environmental considerations.

HIGHER QUALITY: MarSolutions can build systems that eliminate operator influence and offer sub-micron accuracy plus collect data for SPC.

INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: MarSolutions can deliver systems that offer 100% inspection without adding to your cycle time.

Put it together and you have greater control, higher throughput, and less scrap. These systems make customized metrology EXACTLY the right move.