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Air Gaging

Mahr has been an innovator in air gaging since its introduction in the 1940's and has designed hundreds of thousands of air gages - from the most basic air plug to complex automated air gaging systems. All are capable of measuring the most demanding manufactured products - critical for today's automotive, medical, aerospace and machine tooling industries.

What makes air gaging so versatile is the small self-contained air orifice: the air jet. No other technology can take so many high precision measurements so close to each other or in such a variety of configurations. Whether it be simple diameters or more complex form checks such as taper, straightness, squareness, or complete part qualification in one fixture, nothing matches its versatility.

Air gaging is also fast and simple because it is custom built to the application. Even in some of the toughest shop conditions, no other high-performance system will be easier to use or produce faster measurement results, with no operator influence. 

Mahr has precision manufacturing capabilities, including manufacturing our own master rings and discs which are then measured and certified, in-house, in our distinguished precision measurement center in New England.

With our trained sales team, application engineers, and factory-trained distribution group, we solve your measurement problems and support you long after the sale is complete.